Episode 1

Published on:

2nd Oct 2020

Dr. Adrienne Bey

Dr. Adrienne Bey joins the conversation to discuss racism, white identity and how we can cultivate a sense of hope across the world.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:38 Welcome Dr Adrienne Bey
  • 4:53 Adrienne Bey’s reaction to the murder of George Floyd
  • 5:49 Numbness and desensitisation
  • 6:30 The feeling of lack of progression
  • 7:00 White identity and privilege
  • 9:35 Social media and its portrayal of the protests/riots
  • 13:30 The reasons behind the riots: anger vs opportunism
  • 20:10 White privilege continued
  • 22:22 The need for diversity training, waking up
  • 25:25 Taking action against racism, courage
  • 28:00 Racism 100 years ago compared to now
  • 28:30 Helping the youth escape hopelessness
  • 31:05 The face of the protesters
  • 33:50 Individualism vs Collectivism
  • 36:10 Having conversations about race and inequality, and education
  • 39:15 Conflict and its negative connotations
  • 39:50 Moving forward by embracing conflict
  • 41:35 Book titles Dr Bey recommends, education
  • 49:39 Do we have hope?
  • 53:00 Conclusion
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